What you show
is the story you tell

Visual trial strategy for the plaintiff’s bar

I am Amy Hall

From my offices in Napa Valley, I work with plaintiff firms across the country to develop visual strategy for litigation.

I have provided assistance on over 350 cases, including some of history’s largest verdicts and settlements.


You must earn the jury’s trust. Jurors are biased against plaintiff’s lawyers. The only way for your message to land is for you to be accepted as a trusted source.


You must communicate your case in a way the jury will understand, learn, and remember. Clarity is the plaintiff lawyer’s tool; confusion and doubt belong to the defense.


Your case presentation must engage juror emotions while being grounded in fact evidence. Jurors need to care about your case and understand why it matters.

Once you earn the jurors’ trust, you have their permission to teach why your case matters.

Only then will jurors take action.

Preparation is everything

Half of the brain’s resources are devoted to processing visual information. Humans are visual, emotional storytellers. Yet, many lawyers spend their entire time speaking, with few or no visuals.

Jurors are faced with an unrelenting barrage of intimidating, overwhelming data. When your presentation includes verbal and visual communication together, juror attention and retention are exponentially enhanced. Visual strategy is essential for jurors to understand, learn, remember, and care. Show, don’t tell.

Visual strategy means giving the jurors what they need, when they need it, to reach the conclusions you want.

Amy G Hall
Photo by Israel Valencia

My backgrounds in cognitive science, journalism, the gambling industry, advertising, and graphic design have given me a unique and highly relevant skill set for litigation strategy.

I combine exceptional design, editing, and writing with real-world insights on decision-making and emotion to distill your case themes into an effective visual strategy.

I’ll tell you the difficult truths about your case, and then I’ll help you resolve them, providing tangible, ready-to-use tools that address the toughest case issues.

Hundreds of cases later in nearly every state, history has demonstrated that my contributions produce results.

My work spec is one case per week, 20 hours live via Zoom (5 hours/day for 4 days) .

In a dynamic and fast-paced process, together we unpack and solve your case’s tough issues while I create interrelated and interdependent demonstrative exhibits in real time. At the conclusion of the work session, you receive a suite of custom trial-ready exhibits that provide a comprehensive storytelling model for your case.

I am fully booked until 2023. If you would like to be added to my wait list, or to be notified about booking opportunities in 2023 or beyond, please contact me. I am available for presentations at select Continuing Legal Education events.

  • Multi-district litigation
  • Class action
  • Medical negligence
  • Personal injury
  • Trucking
  • Products liability
  • Intellectual property

“Amy brings clarity, creativity, and hard work to trial prep. Every time I work with her, I walk out knowing my case better than I thought possible—and certainly much better than the defense. If you want to take your case to the next level, both in terms of strategy and graphics, Amy is the expert.”

Spencer Pahlke

Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger • California

“Going to trial or mediation? Need outstanding visuals to tell your story? Amy Hall is the only person we work with at Stark & Stark. At the end of a four day session,  Amy will have produced over 50 demonstrative exhibits, from liability through damages. She is the best.”

Bruce Stern

Stark & Stark • New Jersey

“Amy gets strategy, communication, and persuasion, and the cognitive principles behind it all. The issue isn’t putting all the data on boards so that it fits; Amy truly understands what it means to focus only on the kill shots.  Amy is like a juror. If something doesn’t make sense to her, she’ll ask the question, which forces the lawyers to explain it better, to hone in better on why the jury should care. Working with Amy is not a luxury; it’s critical that she is part of the development of the case.”

Rodney Jew

Litigation Strategist • California

“I am a huge fan of working with Amy because I really believe the exhibits she creates help me effectively communicate with the jury and win. Because she has so much experience with complex cases, she understands how to simplify things for the jury. She has a great understanding of how jurors learn and process the information we give them. I have a tendency to get too far ‘in the weeds,’ so I rely on Amy to help me tell an easy-to-understand story to the jury. Working with Amy has become a critical part of my trial preparation.”    

Tom Cartmell

Wagstaff & Cartmell • Missouri

“Amy’s skillful analysis of our cases always puts us a giant step ahead of the defense. Our work sessions and drill downs are always amazing and invaluable. Her production of trial graphics and wordsmithing helps us to make our complex cases simple, our facts laser focused, and our arguments crystal clear to a jury. Amy’s remarkable abilities have been indispensable to our firm.”

Jesse Reiter

ABC Law Centers (Reiter & Walsh) • Michigan

Super creative

Amy's legacy projects in advertising, marketing, game design, publication design, and fine art.